Discover our minimalist vehicles in large scale. The high quality design object for adults and little car lovers.

  • From Germany

    We manufacture and assemble our vehicles in Duisburg, Germany.
  • Steering & Wheels

    Our unique design implements skateboard trucks and wheels.
  • Size

    With a length of more than 30 cm, our vehicles are real eye-catchers.
  • Shipping

    Ready for shipment in 2-3 working days. We deliver directly from our warehouse of Trykda in Duisburg.
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Really big!

Compared to other vehicle models, Trykda's vehicles are huge! With a length of well over 300 mm and their massive construction, the vehicles bring a weight of over 1.5 kg on the scale. This makes each vehicle a real design statement that directly catches the eye.


The noble material aluminum not only makes the vehicle extremely stable and durable.

Because aluminum is also commonly used in real cars, it gives Trykda's vehicles a particularly authentic aura. Who would want a vehicle made of plastic when you can have one made of solid aluminum?

Instinctive steering

The vehicle steers naturally without thinking, simply by shifting its weight. If you push it in the desired direction, it tilts slightly to the side. Thanks to the skateboard trucks, the inner wheels move closer together and the outer wheels further apart. Steering by tilting.

Skateboard Trucks

We install real skateboard trucks and wheels. Thanks to the total of eight ball bearings and soft wheels Trykda vehicles glide very easily on the ground. The white skateboard wheels are reminiscent of the classic design of the white band tires of the 50s and 60s. The high ground clearance and the wide wheels give the vehicles their typical style.